SierraPine's structure is centered on the use of 100% recycled or recovered fiber, and through strategic investment, is a major consumer of post-consumer recycled wood waste that is diverted from the waste stream. In addition to the use of post-consumer recycled fiber, one of SierraPine's core values is that all fiber we use originates from sustainably managed forests and agricultural operations.

SierraPine has been an industry leader for two decades in the production of composite panel products that utilize formaldehyde-free adhesives. Our commitment to furthering the development of this and other ultra low emitting resin technologies in all our operations has been demonstrated by the new products we continue to introduce into the marketplace that have been engineered for specific applications.

SierraPine is also committed to ensure environmental compliance in the communities in which we operate. This includes constant investment in equipment and process control that reduces energy and water usage. We achieve this commitment by setting high expectations for environmental performance, training employees on regulatory and operating permit requirements, ensuring regular inspection of manufacturing facilities and holding all employees accountable for their actions and safe work practices. We will continually integrate environmental stewardship into our daily work activities.

In support of Forest Stewardship Council’s standard for controlled wood, SierraPine commits to use its best efforts to avoid purchasing wood that has been harvested: illegally, in violation of traditional and civil rights, from forests where high conservation values are threatened by management activities, from forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use, or from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted.